The heart of Mosaic Church is making disciples.  We believe discipleship cannot be done apart from community life.  For this reason, we provide space to share our lives with each other.

Life is messy.  It brings us joy and tears.  It brings happiness, frustration and hurt.  Whatever it brings, we don’t believe that we should go through life alone.  Jesus said that others will know we are His disciples by the way we love “one another”.   Who doesn’t want to belong to a community that loves them?

In our groups we share our lives with one another.   We celebrate and laugh with another and we provide care and support to one another.   But we do it together, as a community, not alone.

We have Discipleship Communities that meet on different nights of the week.  A Men’s Community meets on Tuesday at 7pm and a Women’s Community that meets on Wednesday nights at 7pm.  We laugh, pray, and read scripture together.  It’s simple, but profound.  If you would like to belong to a group that loves you for who you are, click here and we will get you connected.